Kitchen Remodel

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  • Location: Menlo Park, CA

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Future Vision Remodeling is excited to unveil a stunning kitchen remodel in Menlo Park, CA. This project is a showcase of our expertise in marrying color, texture, and functionality to create a truly bespoke kitchen space. The kitchen's color palette is a chic combination of white, blue, and grey. White cabinets are paired with a grey-toned marble countertop, creating a sophisticated and timeless look. The central table features blue cabinets, topped with the same elegant grey marble, adding a pop of color and character to the space. For more insights into our kitchen remodeling services, explore our Kitchen Remodel page.

The kitchen's warmth is enhanced by the wood flooring, which adds a natural element to the modern design. Gold fixtures throughout the kitchen add a touch of luxury and tie the different elements together. Modern lamps provide ample lighting, highlighting the kitchen's beautiful features. Brown and black tall chairs at the central table offer comfortable seating and add a contemporary edge to the overall design. The white stylistic backsplash completes the look, blending seamlessly with the kitchen's color scheme. To see more of our work, visit our General Remodel page. Discover our approach to bathroom renovations by visiting our Bathroom Remodel page.