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Project Details

  • Service: Kitchen Remodel
  • Location: Evergreen, CA

Project Description

At Future Vision Remodeling, we're excited to present our latest kitchen remodel in San Jose, CA. The kitchen boasts a lively combination of aquamarine cabinets on the lower section and pristine white cabinets above. This color play brings a fresh and modern feel to the kitchen. The white marble countertop, paired with a grey backsplash, complements the cabinet's colors, adding an element of sophistication. For a closer look at our kitchen remodeling services, visit our Kitchen Remodel page.

We've painted the kitchen white to enhance its spaciousness and brightness, while the wood flooring brings warmth and a natural feel. Ample lighting ensures the kitchen is well-lit, and windows are strategically placed to maximize the entry of natural light. To explore a wider range of our remodeling services, check out our General Remodel page. Discover our approach to bathroom renovations by visiting our Bathroom Remodel page.