Kitchen Remodel | Santa Clara, CA

Location Santa Clara, CA
Year Winter 2019
Budget $50,000 - $75,000
Turnaround 2 Months

Future Vision Remodeling

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"Future Vision did a lot of excellent work for us. Total rebuild of the bathroom, demo an old fire place and put in a pretty new one. Foundation work, repair a rotted drain pipe, ..."

Ardy H.

San Jose, CA


"Future Vision did an excellent job with helping us remodel our kitchen! We partially opened up the wall between our kitchen and living room, removed a bay window, and completel..."

Patrick T.

San Jose, CA


"I write this review six months after the installation of the project as unlike a restaurant review where the product quality is determined immediately construction takes some time ..."

Chester V.

San Jose, CA


495 East Brokaw Rd San Jose, CA 95112

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