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Future Vision Remodeling and its Showroom were established by Founders Shawn and Roy to reflect their creative vision of bringing all aspects of the home improvement process together under one roof. Located in San Jose, FVR specializes in: entire home remodel, kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, and room additions. Not to mention, we take care of inspections, permits, and paperwork.

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Founder & CEO Roy Bendor

Roy Bendor

Founder & CEO

No one can be successful unless he/she first loves his/her work.

Co-founder & President Shawn Dadon

Shawn Dadon

Co-founder & President

The best way to learn the value of hard work is by working hard.

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Team members

Sharon Kalfon Office Manager

Sharon Kalfon

Office Manager

Keep calm and let the office manager handle it.

Cathy Magbagr Accounting Manager

Cathy Magbag

Accounting Manager

Behind every great business there is a great accountant.

Orran Gal Marketing Manager

Orran Gal

Marketing Manager

The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing.

Shani Marketing Manager

Shanon Levy

Marketing Manager

Good content is all about telling a true story well.

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